Listen to Animals - What we do

General Information

First you should understand how we operate.

Normal Routine:
We prefer to work by appointment but in emergencies will always do our best for you at the time you ring. The only thing we want to know up front is if you have what you consider to be a behavior problem. We want to know this because it will often need to be negotiated and we have no desire to charge you for extra minutes unless necessary. Our normal routine is to ask your animal friend if they think they are on a balanced diet. If not we try to determine what vitamins or minerals they may be low on. Next we ask them about their internal organs. We ask about the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and stomach. If you have other concerns please do not hesitate to ask us to check with your animal friend about these. We then usually check their mouth, nose, respiratory tract, eyes and ears. Unless there are complaints we move on. Next we ask if they are sore anywhere and go over their body with them so that they dont forget anything. We often hear animals voices but now usually when I close my physical eyes they show me what is bothering them. I think possibly they do this because I was sometimes getting it wrong when they were just telling me. This takes about 17 -18 minutes so you will have time for one or two questions. You can use this time any way you wish but our routine normally answers most of the questions people have. If there are questions you consider important please ask them up front so you will not incur any extra charges.

FEES Our regular 20 minute reading is recommended in most cases because we are often during that time able to locate things that we might easily over look in a shorter scan.
20 minute reading is $75 USD

There will be times when you need the answer to a couple of questions. In this instance a 10 minute session should suffice.
Cost for this is $40 USD.

Extra minutes for both sessions are $5.00 USD each. (Probably less than your Lawyer or Doctor.)

We are not keen to go over 20 minutes at a time, as it is very draining.
Please send checks to:
Bill Nothern
PO Box 986
Warsaw VA 22572

Thank you for letting us help you and your 4 legged friend.

Lost Animals

Unfortunately we do not find any lost animals any more, as it is too draining on us