Learning to be a Dowser

We learned to listen to animals through dowsing and that is the way we teach it today. A few times a year we decide to teach and this is our routine.
The class is from 10 am until 2 or 2:30 pm. The learning is fast paced, but at the end of the day you will be excited when you are able to do things that you probably had no idea you could do.

We begin with a very brief history of dowsing. Moses was a dowser. There is a great deal of information about dowsing history in your library and on the internet. The first thing we do is show you the four main tools used in modern day dowsing. They are the pendulum, L rods, Y rod and the bobber.

Next we go outside and we demonstrate how the tools behave and then hand them to you to locate underground electric and telephone lines. There are also septic lines and fresh water lines, as well as an underground stream for you to locate. We encourage you to linger a bit over each as you locate them in order to feel the energy they give. Each is slightly different and for some of us difficult to define. But for others is very easy. The most important thing you will learn to do all day is the next on our list.

You will learn how to put a protective light force around you, your property and your loved ones. We say this is the most important because you will use it everyday. This light energy force can be placed around anything you cherish in order to protect from harmful thought forms. Any negative or harmful thoughts sent are returned to the sender with LOVE.

While I fix you some lunch you will learn to program your pendulum so that you can better understand what your Angels are telling you. This is a bit difficult but it is not necessary to master today, just as long as you know how to do it. It took me almost four months to get it down pat. After lunch we give you a drawing of a local property to go over and see if you can locate negative energy fields and other underground objects. We then have you draw your property and go over that to find any possible harmful energy. We will show you how to neutralize this energy or change it to positive energy. You will take this drawing home with you to verify your findings.

By now your confidence is building and we give you an animal to go over. There is only a wee bit of difference in going over the animal from what you did with the property. You will go over the horse to look for any possible problems and then compare your findings with mine. Now, we visit the first property you dowsed for negative energy and other things to verify your findings on the drawing. You will most likely be amazed that you marked these thins on the drawing very near their actual location. This is all you need to do. It sure beats walking over the entire property to look for something. While we are outside we will show you our way to find lost objects. We will also show you how to locate lost animals on a map. You will learn a way to show them the way home.

This is about all we can absorb in one day. Also about all I can teach in a day. This is a very strenuous day for all of us, but well worth the effort. Those accepted have been approved by our Angels who believe the time is right for them to accept this information. By accepting only four students a day we are able to give everyone personal attention but not so much that you lean on me to find something for you. There are many ways to do most of the things we do. If another way is more comfortable for you please use it. We belong to the KISS school of learning. Keep it simple stupid. Some of the things we do will be very easy for some and difficult for others. It is highly unlikely that everything we do will be easy for you. You will need to spend many hours practicing your new skills. I would say you should spend at least twenty minutes practicing every day until you are certain you are understanding everything you hear or feel. You will need to find a buddy among the other students. It is much easier to look at an animal for someone else than to look at your own. This is very difficult to do if you are emotionally involved.

Learning to dowse is very much like learning to play a musical instrument. Years ago in New Zealand, I was teaching a lady from Holland. She had been practicing Feng Shui a few years and was good at it. She wanted to learn dowsing to compliment her other skills. At the end of the day she said Oh William this has been a wonderful day. It is like learning to play the violin. You have showed me how to hold the instrument and where all of the notes are. Now all I have to do is practice. She became an excellent dowser and is known over Europe and New Zealand for her Feng Shui skills.

The class begins on time so if you are late you will miss out on some things. You need to bring an open mind, a hungry heart and a rested body. We will furnish the necessary dowsing tools and your lunch. If you are interested in coming to Warsaw for lessons, please send us an E-mail letting us know your desires. We keep everyone's name on file and when we decide on a day we send everyone on our list a notice.

The first six to get back with us are the ones we accept for that date. We always ask our Angels again if this is your time to learn. The cost of the class is $300.00 U.S. Dollars with a $50.00 deposit. If you are interested in having us teach in your area let us know and perhaps you will be able to organize it. Happy dowsing to you.